iPad Success

PSfm - 02 / 02 / 2013

Door-to-door sales with lots of brochures in the bag and heavy PDA systems is outdated. The desire was there, from both ourselfs and our employees in the field, to create a simpler and easier solution. An innovative KPN sales app for the iPad is the result.

Flexibility, quality, innovation
Not only is working with this app easier because of a more flexible order processing, but more salesinfo is available and a lot more interactive. A beautiful range of sales materials, such as films and applications, can be presented at the door. Also, errors in the processing are minimized, while sales and conversion increase.


And the stylish tablet creates a professional modern look for KPN and a minimum of packing for the emplyee. The salespeople are trained, the iPads charged and the app is ready to go! From the 1st of February the complete PSfm field marketing team of KPN will work with the iPad. We will keep you informed on the progress!