Rethink what a phone can do?!

PSfm - 14 / 03 / 2016

Why a Samsung phone is better than an Apple? Go and ask the staff of 49 different Media Markt branches across the country. In the last couple of weeks, the fixed Samsung sales agents of PSfm have trained the Media Markt personnel. How did they do that? By means of an effective and compact training. During this training, the Media Markt staff was taught the tricks and trades of working for Samsung and its new telephone sensation.

Read more about the new Samsung Galaxy S7 and what the phone is capable of:

1. Dual Pixel Camera – Fast Autofocus

The camera of the new Galaxy S7 possesses a technique, which is called the Dual Pixel: two light-sensitive elements in one single pixel create a duplication per pixel of the image registration. This results in an extremely fast auto-focus, even though the image sensor doesn’t require that many pixels. The technique is comparable to the human eye and four times faster than a non-dual pixel camera during bad weather conditions. You are able to create better photos with less light. Even in the car or in a pub, you will still look great!

2. Charging: wireless and fast

The battery of the Galaxy S7 is able to charge extremely fast. An empty Galaxy S7 is fully charged within 95 minutes. The powerful battery of the Galaxy S7 Edge is charged within 115 minutes. You don’t have much time? 15 minutes charging results in enough energy to last your phone one hour. Very hip and modern is now also wireless charging. An empty S7 is fully charged within 130 minutes and the Galaxy S7 Edge is charged within 150 minutes. A win-win situation.

3. Dust- and waterproof (IP68)

No more unhandy phone covers. The Galaxy S7 is safe against even the strongest of rain showers. The USB port, as well as the SIM-and earphone plug are protected by an internal rubber closing. This safety standard ensures that sand or fluids do not cause damage to your favourite device. So don’t panic when knocking over a glass of water: the Galaxy S7 can survive 30 minutes in water up to 1,5 meters deep! Anytime, anywhere.

Are you curious about this great device? Not only can you go see PSfm agent Oksana, but all throughout the Netherlands you can visit our Media Markt colleagues for advice! The newest Samsung Galaxy S7 is available in stores from the 11th of March. Experience the wonderful world of Samsung now, and rethink what a phone can do!