A focused busy bee

PSfm - 30 / 03 / 2016

A driven person, straightforward but also a people person with clear communicational skills. A brief description of a Field Coach, as well as a summary of my own character. My name is Jeffrey Asamoah, Samsung Electronics Field Coach at PSfm.

I am responsible for the motivation and performance of all our fixed staff in the various Samsung Shop-in-Shops at the Media Markt locations throughout the Netherlands. In my role as a Field Coach, I’m responsible for the personal development of the employees, thereby focussing on sales skills, customer experience, presentation of Shop-in-Shops and product knowledge on a daily basis. It’s important to really get the best out of each individual person. I make sure they learn how to use their strengths and develop their weaknesses.

What does a week of a Field Coach look like? I’m available for my staff 24/7. My phone is always on me, ready to support my people wherever and whenever. Whether it’s Monday 8 a.m. or Saturday 9 p.m. I’m there if they need me. Most Media Markt locations are open from 10 to10, seven days a week and we’ve got staff on a permanent basis working at the stores. A Field Coach also travels a lot. I visit each individual every two weeks and during this time, I work with them during their shifts on several things. This includes observing their behaviour during the consumer conversations and giving constructive feedback. But also motivating them and encouraging them to try new methods by giving tips and tricks and challenging them to reach a higher level in knowledge and skills. Next to on-site coaching sessions of experienced staff, I guide new employees during their first days. Together we develop a tailor-made personal development plan and we set our mutual targets.

As a Field Coach it’s important to always be in touch with the project team. But it’s just as important to have clear communication lines with our client, Samsung. Together we set goals and together we assure professional guidance for our Shop-in-Shop team. Contact on a weekly, or even a daily basis creates perfect alignment between Samsung, PSfm and the Shop-in-Shop staff. The ultimate goal is to ensure growth for Samsung, and to lift sales together. But the ingredients to lift sales are just as important to me. My staff should feel great, they should know exactly what’s going on and how the project is developing. They should be truly happy with the way things are doing. Altogether the role of Field Coach is the perfect job for a busy bee who loves to work hard. The job’s made for me, and I’m made for the job. It’s perfect.

Jeffrey Asamoah, Field Coach PSfm for Samsung Electronics