FM Inspiration 1

PSfm - 01 / 03 / 2013

At PSfm we love to keep track of all field marketing trends. Especially those who are creative and out of the box. Using iPads on location? We were there first. Innovative ways to introduce a new flavour of crisps? Let’s do this!

We like to share our actions and vice versa we learn from our colleagues abroad. So we were pleasantly inspired by the brilliant field marketing action from Zara Tapas Bar in India. They have partnered with the local police authorities and organized a campaign to highlight the fact that 70% of the accidents in India are caused by drinking and driving. To bring this to the attention, they set up a trap.


It involved drunk drivers who got their car back from the valet parking. They placed an actor, dressed as Yama, the god of death, in the car. This is a pretty scary figure in the very religious India! After they discovered their unwanted guest in the car, the drivers got pointed out that they were not ready to see the god of death in the eye and perhaps they had to think twice about stepping behind the wheel after a few drinks.