PSfm - 23 / 06 / 2016



This month, PSfm exists exactly 20 years. The creation of PSfm didn’t just happen overnight. In 1996, Promotional Solutions was founded. By renewing ourselves constantly (like changing our company name to PSfm) and by keeping focus even in difficult times, I am very proud to say that we have grown to a full-service marketing firm. We have been cooperating with A-brands such as Nespresso, Pepsico, Samsung, Sonos and Neslte for quite some time now.


Our focus is achieving even more qualitative services, increasing the talent of our people, optimizing our processes, and keeping on innovating our services, in order to surprise our customers with brand experience and sales.

Sharing = mutual growth

Sustainable renewability is in our DNA and by reacting to this, we are making a difference for our clients. That’s also how we knew how to celebrate 20 years of PSfm. Not with a one-time party, but with a new and enduring concept of knowledge-sharing with our employees, customers and partners. We developed PitchPark.

PitchPark is an independent and private knowledge platform for marketing professionals. PSfm is one of the facilitators. The goal is to share knowledge and experience between the members of PitchPark. By organising this in a private, online environment and during private meet-up sessions, the often company-owned information is not made available to the outside world. In today’s market, developments come so rapidly that yesterday’s knowledge is already outdated. Many marketing professionals are curious about the strategies of their colleagues at other firms. PitchPark offers its members the chance to exchange knowledge of the fast-moving market, in order to keep knowledge updated. Our philosophy is that if you don’t share, you don’t grow.

Last May, PitchPark was launched through the creation of an online platform and two events at the Nyenrode Business University in Breukelen. Marketing professional Henry Robben opened PitchPark and welcomed its 26 members. Among them, traditional offline marketing versus online marketing was discussed. As I am sure you will understand, we won’t be sharing the discussions and learnings of the session. However, we can say that the launch was a great success.

20 years ago, field marketing as a discipline of marketing didn’t have a name yet. With PitchPark, we are very proud to be able to contribute to knowledge exchange and further professionality within our area of expertise.

Thank you for your trust and I am looking forward to the creation of more excellent creative marketing solutions for your brand and its consumers.

Kees Wolswinkel
Managing Director PSfm