LAYAR contest

PSfm - 04 / 01 / 2013

We always make sure that we are updated on new technologies. Online reports, real-time tracking, web-based employee profiles… We love it! That is why we could not introduce our new name and website with a little extra.

We operate in the field, on location. To be sure we do not loose contact with the online community, our campaigns are always integrated with websites, apps or social media applications. So choosing a combination of a Moleskine notebook with a little online layer, is 100% PSfm.


Activate print with digital content and win!
Layar is the world’s funnest way to add digital content to print media. It’s a self-service web application that infuse static pages with interactive experiences. Explore the PSfm Moleskine with your smartphone and be amazed of the extra’s that we developed together with Layar.


If you find a orange inlay in the Moleskine, you can enter our Layar Contest! It is the very first Dutch GEO-based Layar contest ever, so we are very happy to be at the start of this innovative development. Scan the pages, answer the fieldmarketing questions and have a chance on winning one of the two complete fieldmarketing concepts worth € 4.500,- that we custom build for your company!