PSfm online

PSfm - 12 / 12 / 2012

A new identity. This requires a thorough approach. Not only the logo, corporate stationery and signing must be renewed, the website is the centre of change.  We sat together with Rodesk to create a new web presence. Rodesk delivers concepts, identities, websites, infographics and other expressions. Why did it click between us?

Psfm believes in the crossroad where people and brands meet. Rodesk believes in the conversation between people and brands. You got it? With the combination of fine design and online work we went for an active online involvement for our target group.


Strategy, design, interaction
What staed with a clear strategy is expressed in a sleek design. What you see on the screen right now. With the ultimate goal of interaction, you should decide whether we succeed together. Surf through our info-grams, experience PSfm cases and review our services. Our new corporate identity and website fits like a glove. Does it fit you too?