PSfm - 01 / 07 / 2013

They stand for PSfm. Make door-to-door visits for KPN, sail on a boat for Lay’s or make coffee with Nespresso. Wherever they stand for PSfm, our field staff are always experiencing something special. And to celebrate those experiences, we organized the Fill Your MoneyClip Contest!

That’s easy money

This year we ask more than 1.000 PSfm flex employees to share their favorite field marketing story. Each month we pick the most special one, which will be rewarded with € 150, – to fill the special PSfm Money Clip.

The second one this year who wins a filled Money Clip is Ryan van Rossum. Read his story about his first day at PSfm Works …

It was my very first day, fresh from the product training, on a cold Monday afternoon in Alkmaar. I must confess that I was pretty tense, which my first customers probably noticed. However, in no-time I became a lot better and halfway through the workday I was feeling confident about the job. At the end of my day I spoke to a shy lady probably around the age of 25. I asked her about her age and she just nodded quietly and was grabbing in her bag. She came up with a white card from her purse.

On the card was in red letters: ”I’m learning to deal with stuttering at the Dutch Stutter Association Demosthenes”. At that moment I knew that this was not a regular sales conversation. But I was not planning to let this conversation go! I wanted this lady to try out the product we were selling as well. I asked her to come with me to my counter back in the shop so I could talk to her quietly without the hustle of the station around us. Once arrived at the counter I started again from the beginning and I gave her the opportunity to say something back. After talking and demonstrating the product, she did a purchase.

After the checkout she came back to me and told me she was very happy that we had a normal conversation, which helped her to overcome her stutter. On my way home in the train I realised that this was an interesting experience. I had a new experience and it helped her in overcoming her stuttering.