FM Inspiration 2

PSfm - 01 / 06 / 2013

At PSfm we love to keep track of all field marketing trends. Especially those who are creative and out of the box. Using iPads on location? We were there first. Innovative ways to introduce a new flavour of crisps? Let’s do this!

In this edition of World Wide field marketing Inspiration, we got inspired by another project of our colleagues from abroad. At PSfm we like to inspire the field marketing market, like we get new insights from the market as well. Field marketing proves time and time again that the intersection between people and brands still remains the basis of innovative product introductions, merchandising and brand awareness. Whether it is in Holland or on the other end of the world.


In this edition we were again inspired by India. Last time a special nightlife project came by about alcohol in traffic. Now the inspiration came of an action of NGOs Ankanksha, focusing on education for children. With a chronic shortage of volunteers as teachers, they went to Mumbai to make clear that everybody can volunteer in front of the class. Without the need to be highly qualified. See how they made an outdoor classroom of Mumbai and integrated this with social media in a modern way.