FM Inspiration 3

PSfm - 01 / 09 / 2013

At PSfm we love to keep track of all field marketing trends. Especially those who are creative and out of the box. Using iPads on location? We were there first. Innovative ways to introduce a new flavour of crisps? Let’s do this!

This time we’re looking at a brilliant campaign a bit closer to home. We got inspired by the field marketing campaign from Duval Guillame for Carlsberg. This action has gone viral in no time and the footage is seen more than 12 million times on Youtoube.


Imagine that you are in a crowded movie theatre and you want a romantic night out with your partner to watch a movie. But the theatre is completely filled with bikers. Big men with tattoos and leather pants. There are only two spots left in the middle of the room. Are you going to sit down with your partner? Check out the couples who did and see how they got the surprise of their life …