The magic of PSfm

PSfm - 01 / 06 / 2016

Once upon a time……..

there was an organisation. And that organisation was called PSfm. A field marketing firm, where everything counts a 100%. Always.

In that organisation worked people; young folk, older people and even a handful of very old ones. At least, in the eyes of the younger ones that is.

And still, they look like each other because they all possess the same magical powers. How is that possible? That is the magical melting pot of the core values of PSfm.

Because all the people think out of the box at any given moment; they are all naturally curious and above all, very honest. They always have their focus on their set target and always keep pushing forward, even when things do not go as planned. And of course they have great courage and always stick to their agreements. And last but not least, they are of course a 100% result-driven. Always.

Everyone tells you not to believe in fairy tales. Still, I do. Always.

Because just think of how great the world would be, if we would acknowledge and express our core values. If we keep on having faith that we’ll reach that 100%, by pulling through with our core values a 100%. That’s when you create a magical organisation. Making a 100% effort, is a 100% PSfm. In essence, commitment and efficiency. It’s believing in yourself. Because as long as we believe in ourselves, we believe in each other and in the culture of PSfm. The culture we create together. The culture that makes PSfm powerful. The reason why we commit to agreements and to reach a 100% with our clients, our employees and each other. Fulfilling expectations and passing those on.

Inspiring each other by learning from each other. By challenging each other. By giving each other feedback on the base of trust. By having fun with each other. By raising the bar a little higher each time. Sometimes consciously, sometime unconsciously. But it always comes forth from the magic of PSfm. Or maybe, it’s just the culture.

To me though, from my HR role, it is magic. And I like to carry on that magic by finding new colleagues in my crystal ball. And continuing to bind them to PSfm with my magic wand. Sometimes this works miraculously well, and sometimes a little less so. Because, unfortunately, magic cannot be forced. Magic with other people is there, or it isn’t. My ultimate goal is to contribute to my colleagues having a long and happy work-life at PSfm, by living up to our core values.

Exactly how every fairy tale is supposed to end.

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