PSfm 20 year anniversary

PSfm - 25 / 04 / 2016


Those who can’t share won’t grow!

As if by itself you celebrate your 20th anniversary. However looking back, by itself?

In 1996 we started with a small group of people operating in the field. 20 years later, PSfm has grown into a company with more than 40 full-time employees and 1,200 plus field marketers.

We set high standards. Consistently managing high quality projects and optimizing our service level are our greatest assets and of course always placing our clients within the centre of our attention.

One of the pillars on which we built our success is “sharing”, not only internally but also mostly externally. Working with our clients towards an even better result, sharing real-time information on the progress of campaigns and always creating and trying new concepts.

If it’s your birthday you celebrate. Normally with a party. But we are different and already working towards the future. Therefore we celebrate our 20th anniversary with a new initiative: Pitch Park, a knowledge platform (including events) for marketing professionals. The central theme for our first meeting, which will be held at Nyenrode Business University, is “online versus traditional”.

The choices for marketing professionals become more complex every day, the possibilities seem endless. Through keynote presentations we create room for high level discussions and give our clients the opportunity to share their knowledge.

Together towards the future, towards another 20 years.