Welcome PSfm!

PSfm - 10 / 12 / 2012

Promotional Solutions promotes visibility, availability and promotion of products and services since 1996. In the past 16 years, we built an impressive track record of top brands, promotions and awards. But the organization founded in 1996, no longer exsists.

Because there is so much more! We incorporate 100% field marketing. We do not stop at a sampling campaign or product demonstrations. With a full range of services, we serve as your strategic partner in brand perception. With measurable results. The result of this development is that our name and identity no longer fits us.


PSfm, 100% Fieldmarketing
We are proud to present PSfm. What does PSfm stand for? Promotional Solutions, field marketing. Is that important? No. The new corporate identity symbolizes the growth of the past 16 years. Not only for our organization, but also the developments in marketing. Despite social media, online applications and mass communication, the basis remains important. Which is always on location, in the field. The intersection of people and brands. PSfm is exactly there to provide quality, flexibility and innovation for brands. With a little extra.


Questions about PSfm, our new look or wondering what we can do for your brand? Call us, send a mail or just drop by the office for some coffee. See you soon!