November and December, the most important retail season! It’s showtime with the holidays just around the corner. And as a retailer you could use the help of some Rock Stars…

63 Agents
4 Countries


Rock Stars? Yes, PSfm is keeping it real for SONOS! After a careful selection, a group of 63 field marketers were selected as Rock Stars. That title was officially awarded following a two-day training on the SONOS headquarters. So that they were fully prepared for a whopping amount of 500 demo days at in-store shops during holiday season. And with another 100 demo days in Belgium and Luxembourg and 175 in Norway as well, we obviously worked together with our EFMP partners.

The Rockstars worked individually, but altogether looked like a big rock band! They did everything to crush targets during holiday season. And targets were crushed. Always in a relaxed manner and with the focus on the customer.


The SONOS project was very special due to our Rock Stars. So Sonos, PSfm and our Partner EFMP organized an ‘after moment’ of celebration to thank all the employees that were involved during this hectic period. They truly deserved it!

SONOS was crazy. What a team, what an enthusiasm. Standing there in high season while realizing targets that sometimes seemed unrealistic… Well done Rock Stars!

Jan Julius van Hemert | Sales Manager

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