SONOS Band Members

SONOS Band Members

Getting more sales from your existing retail channels? Then you could use some help from our Rock Stars…..

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4 Countries


Band Member? Yes, PSfm provides real Band Members for SONOS! That title was only officially awarded after a two-day training course at SONOS headquarters.


Our Sonos Band Members know how to strike the right chord with consumers. With a passion for music and fully trained commercial skills, they provide a sales boost on Sonos equipment, including at MediaMarkt and De Bijenkorf. The Band Members work individually, but altogether they look like a big rock band! They will do everything to crush targets . Always in a relaxed manner and with the focus on the customer.


In addition to the Netherlands, the Sonos Band Members also work in other EU countries, for which we of course collaborate with our EFMP partner across the border.

SONOS was crazy. What a team, what an enthusiasm. Standing there in high season while realizing targets that sometimes seemed unrealistic… Well done Band Members!

Jan Julius van Hemert | Sales Manager

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