The Dutch Shrimp

The Dutch Shrimp

How can you playfully revive a traditional Dutch product? Well…. Let consumers dive for the ‘Golden Shrimp’, use some unique POS material and put the right people on the job.

33000 Tastings
Het Nederlands Visbureau
Het Nederlands Visbureau

Mission accomplished!

For the Dutch Fish Marketing Board, PSfm visited a numerous amount of places in The Netherlands. The assignment was to promote the Dutch shrimp and raise more awareness on how to prepare the shrimps. The tour pointed out that you can do so much more with those little fellows than just the typical Dutch Shrimp Cocktail.


Not only could the public taste appetizers on the tour locations. Brave volunteers could dive for the Golden Shrimp! 119 people dived for the Golden Shrimp and off course for some big prices like a Samsung TV. The dives were pure entertainment for the audience. And the audience simultaneously tasted shrimps, received recipe cards and could register for the newsletter of the Dutch Fish Marketing Board.


With more than 33,000 tastings, 119 dives and 386 interviews, the Dutch Shrimp is on top of mind of the consumer again. Mission accomplished! Watch the video here.

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