PSfm - 29 / 01 / 2018

The combination of the different elements make this Ziggo activation fit perfectly with the strategy. Sports, Entertainment and being there form the ingredients of this promotion.


Imagine that you are a football fan. First you are invited to visit your favourite club. You are then told you will also spend the night there and to make the evening extra special you receive two tickets to one of the fastest selling shows of the year: Lady Gaga. When you go there, to your surprise, it turns out your family was invited as well! When you get back in your temporary Ziggo connected room on the stands in the stadium that has been fitted with everything you could wish for, you also get a private lightshow in the stadium. In the morning you have your breakfast with the greatest of the club, you get your own club shirt and you get to help prepare the terrain for the upcoming match later the day. As a perfect end of your time at the stadium your team wins “De Klassieker”! At Ziggo they absolutely know how to have fun.


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