PSfm - 04 / 10 / 2019

Sustainability is a broad concept, but in short it means that people, the environment and the economy are in balance in a sustainable world, so that we do not deplete the earth.

Sustainability is indispensable during this time. Manufacturers are being challenged to reflect on this important topic.


This includes us as a field marketing agency. We are allowed to work with fantastic premium brands and like to think along with our clients about their sustainability contribution. For example, for ABInBev we use ‘Can Crushers’ to reduce beer can waste by 70%. And what about our customer Nespresso, who has constructed a bicycle of 300 recycled coffee capsules and also uses these capsules for the manufacture of potato peelers.


We ourselves re-use promotional materials, we purchase recycled tasting cups, packaging and clothing and we have a constant focus on efficient planning whereby the number of kilometers to be driven is kept as low as possible.


And through our collaboration with the EFMP ( we can also reuse promotional material outside of the Netherlands. Curious as to whether we can make your brand even more sustainable within field marketing? Then contact us.