Mass marketing is becoming less effective

Sabine Evers - 01 / 10 / 2012

“Mass marketing is becoming less effective, the sales conversation gains a crucial position in the sales process,” said Management Team magazine in September 2012. That does not surprise us. This is why we never give out a sample. We ensure that a sample is shared. That there is a contact point. Pure spreading samples is easy, closing a sale or convincing with a demonstration is a different story.

Latent pain

The article points out that the smooth, smartly dressed and just a little too slick salesman must move over. The sales representative is responsible for his client, advises and listens. So, called by Management Team, the feel of ‘latent’ pain for a client; needs that the customer is not (yet) aware of.

Extra mile

An article like this makes sense for our door-to-door sales team. For KPN we got rid of the smooth talker ages ago. But also for our sampling  we believe in sharing an experience instead of just randomly giving away samples. Well trained staff that go the extra mile is key in this. They should engage in a conversation with the target audience.  A warm greeting, explain more about the product, show extras. That is where you succeed. And where brand experience starts.