For more than 2 years we have had the Leffe beer truck from ABInBev under our wings. We have visited several festivals and fairs and have seen a swimming pool full of beer flowing through the tap pipes.

Leffe truck

The Leffe truck is ABInBev’s showpiece.

Our beer specialists, soaked in Leffe’s terminology, serve perfectly drawn beers from the Leffe truck with the greatest smile, skills and enthusiasm.

The Leffe truck has been completely rebuilt to be able to realize a unique bar entirely in style of Leffe to make the brand experience as intense as possible. In addition to the truck being a true brand experience, an entire Leffe area is also being realized, resulting in a sturdy lounge area where many beer lovers can enjoy Leffe Blond or Leffe Ruby, for example.

With our in-house beer specialists and project managers we make every event a success.

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