In the world of vacuum cleaners there are endless possibilities, the consumer can no longer see the forest for the trees. There are too many models, each with its own specifications. Vacuum cleaners with a bag, without a bag, wireless or a robot vacuum cleaner? Our AEG Brand Ambassadors are trained to identify the needs of consumers, so they always go home with the right vacuum cleaner!


How large is the surface of the house? Do you have parquet or carpet? Are there stairs in the house? These are just a few of the questions our trained AEG Brand Ambassadors ask to find the best vacuum cleaner for consumers.

With 15 Brand Ambassadors we provide 250 sales demonstrations per year for AEG. We do this at various locations in the MediaMarkt where they can be found every Saturday.

They not only give advice, but also let the consumer experience how the different models work. Having a suitable vacuum cleaner is more important than you would initially think. It can make that weekly task a lot more pleasant!

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