1-year anniversary Samsung Experience Store

PSfm - 18 / 06 / 2020

This month, the Samsung Experience Store in Hoog Catharijne in Utrecht has been in existence for 1 year. We would like to share with you some insights from the past year.

After months of preparation, it was finally on April 12, 2019: the “grand opening” of the very first Samsung Experience Store in the Netherlands. A moment of relief for everyone involved, which was festively ushered in by StukTV and attended by a stream of curious and


Before the opening, we were repeatedly asked why we decided to open a brick and mortar store at a time when online sales are only increasing. However, our experiences of the past year have supported our vision. Especially now we all notice what face to face contact means to us and how human interaction makes everything a lot more fun.


Of course, online shopping has become indispensable, and who doesn’t use it. The convenience of online shopping is very valuable in our hectic existence. It has been determined that 65% of consumers turn to a physical store for orientation and inspiration, 55% even purchase the product in a physical store. In addition, it has been established that purchasing certain products is difficult without interaction and advice. Consumers want to be able to see and touch the product with their own eyes. In addition, people are looking for answers to specific questions. We therefore try to respond to all these facets within the Samsung Experience Store.


For example, we always have the latest products in the store, our Experience specialists are a walking Samsung Wikipedia and they know everything about the functionalities and more importantly provide customers with tailor-made advice. We continuously monitor the number of visitors and ensure that there is always the right staffing. In the store, the service point for repair of the Samsung products is of course also open.


In addition, we have a different “experience zone” every 2 months in which a product is highlighted and can be experienced in a unique way.


We also have a style skins department where you can give your own device a unique look. There is a choice of 40 variants for the back and 2 variants for the front.


In just a few moments, the protective film is cut to fit your device and placed. This way you enjoy optimal protection and a unique look.


Whether it is about running a Smartswitch, where the settings and memory of your old phone / tablet or smartwatch are, as it were, copied to your new device, or participating in one of our workshops in which you learn, for example, how you get the most out of the functions of your new phone camera.


We offer this service and comfort in the Samsung Experience Store and that is exactly what we had in mind when we started this 1 year ago. The many positive reactions from both buying and orienting customers confirm the vision that a physical store is indispensable.


The Samsung Experience Store has now been closed for a number of weeks and we are working hard to open it again soon, of course with due observance of the guidelines of the RIVM.


This period is a perfect time to delve into the Samsung products and our Experience specialists are happy to help you with that. For now we wish everyone a lot of health!