PSfm Traint

PSfm - 10 / 03 / 2020

PSfm Traint, part of PSfm and actually located in the same building in Amstelveen. Where PSfm creates the meeting between the consumer and the product, together we ensure that this meeting actually produces the result that our clients are looking for. PSfm Traint works for beautiful brands such as Samsung, Nespresso, AEG and ABInBev. They have set up various training courses, all with the wishes and needs of the client in mind. Sales training, Onboarding of new staff, but also leadership training and product training.

How does PSfm Traint help retailers and talents to sell better?

PSfm Traint views the retailer’s sales challenges from the point of view of the sales proposition. Which sales employee focuses on viewers and who is more focused on buyers? Our task is to place people where they fit the most and to make optimum use of their specific qualities.

The skills of a real salesperson lie in finding the right balance in sales conversations and presentations. Although the needs and emotions of the customer are leading, the persuasive qualities of the seller are always the determining factor when closing a sale. His / her goal is to follow the agreed sales model and close the deal. We train sales staff to identify and respond to customer needs and use them to achieve sales results.

Develop competences and talents among participants in order to achieve the best results. “Eureka” moments with participants during a training are the best moments you can achieve with a training. You see that the material that is being treated, the talents of the participant and the activities that are carried out in the field come together and the final piece of the puzzle falls into place.

More informatio?
Do you want to know more about who PSfm Traint is and what they stand for? Do you want to know what PSfm Traint can do for your company and your employees? Feel free to contact us for an introduction. The tastiest coffee is ready. or call on 020-426 03 0