Garden Gourmet foodtruck

Garden Gourmet foodtruck

Striking isn’t it? The Garden Gourmet food truck was not to be missed. The truck was part of a successful campaign in which we showcased Garden Gourmet’s vegan dishes at various locations.

Garden Gourmet foodtruck

At Garden Gourmet, they believe in the power and versatility of plant-based food. With the food truck, we inspired everyone to vary more with dishes without meat. After all, eating more plant-based proteins and less animal proteins is good for your health and for the environment.


Garden Gourmet’s range of delicious plant-based products was the basis for the food truck’s menu. We served no less than four different vegan dishes, prepared by our trained staff.


The Garden Gourmet truck’s extensive vegan menu:

  • Garden Gourmet Sensational burger
  • Takoyaki vegan balls in mushroom sauce with watercress salad, dried porcini mushrooms and sesame
  • Indian Butter “no Chicken” with Garden Gourmet filet pieces
  • Bagel with Garden Gourmet Vuna salad


In cooperation with Nestlé, a location list was prepared to introduce the target group to Garden Gourmet’s products.  We received many positive reactions. But that is not surprising, because Garden Gourmet’s vegetable products are delicious.

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