Finding the perfect fit for PSfm

PSfm - 11 / 04 / 2016

It will always be a challenge, an art even, assessing a job applicant and deciding if it is the right match in a short time period. What do you pay attention to? Which factors weigh more heavily and which ones are discarded? Assessing job applicants, or all employees for that matter, will always be a subjective process, whichever assessment technique you use.

From the out to the inside

In any case, the STAR methodology provides insights and allows you to dig deeper into the criteria you carefully selected for the job application process. Statements such as ‘perseverance’ or ‘curiosity’ will merely be terms, if you do not choose to measure or test them. After all, it is impossible to see someone’s perseverance from the outside. Unless of course, the candidate is able to prove successfully finishing a triathlon. Interrogating on situation, task, action and results at least lead to some insights. A small grip on the application process for the recruiter. In the end, however, this methodology only influences about 50% of the chances of success on a mutually-beneficial relationship.

Looking at it from both sides

The applicant is, if handled correctly, responsible for the other 50%. As well as the recruiter, the applicant should consider what his or her added value to the job could be. But also think about what the job could deliver the applicant. And this evaluation hopefully surpasses the salary offer. The employment contract should come from both sides. It’s not merely the task of the recruiter to judge if a candidate fits into an organisation. It’s just as important for the applicant too see him or herself functioning in the team and organisation.

Fit and measure

This is why we from PSfm have the habit of focussing purely on personality during the primary interview. This way we can assess if the candidate’s personality fits within the organisation. But equally as important, if the candidate can identify him or herself with the company, its people and its culture. The candidate should feel comfortable. We have already seen the resume. Insights can also be gained by paying attention to the questions the applicant is stating. And that is the art of recruitment we were talking about.

A 100% score!

The advice to all employees who are looking for the right match is to read and listen between the lines. Bring the person behind the CV into vision and focus on the characteristics and personality traits. Let this person envision and consider the chances of a successful business relationship. This will create a 100% chance of getting the best match!