NESCAFÉ Instant Fun Tour

NESCAFÉ Instant Fun Tour

At festivals, fairs and events PSfm shares coffee with Nescafé. A free boost in the form of a cup of coffee. Smart dressed baristas brew soft vanilla flavours to spicy espressos. Would you like a Latte Macciato, Espresso or Caramel Latte? 

150000 Tastings
100 Locations

How do you reach 150.000 new coffee lovers every year?

The mobile Nescafé bar is easy to move. Every year, the bar is on location for 100 days. With a daily reach of 300-1500 new Nescafé coffee lovers, who can try a range of 6 flavours.


The mobile bar is part of a Nescafé wide concept, specially developed for brand activation. PSfm provides training of baristas, logistics and inventory management and development of the overall concept. The mobile bar concept won the FM & BE Award 2011!

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