Lay's Oven Baked

Lay's Oven Baked

Are these cookies or crisps? You know what? Give it a try! So you can decide for yourself what they are.

35000 Tastings

Oven Crackers

For Lay’s we introduced their newest product, Oven Crackers. PSfm started with samples in supermarkets throughout the country. This way we created a direct sales uplift.


Happy promoters offered the crackers in a paper Lay’s cup, so it was easy to introduce the product to the consumer. And if the taste is not enough, PSfm field marketeers were very well educated on the product, so they could tell more about the health benefits of oven baked snacks in comparison to deep fried ones. And they could lead the way to the Lay’s shelf in the supermarket, no problem.


The results of the Lay’s in store promotion? Over 35,000 tastings were established and Oven Baked Crackers were successfully launched in the Netherlands.

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