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FOX Sports

FOX Sports BusinessĀ asks for an extra sales boost twice a year! At the start of the new football season in August and at the start of the second half of the season in January. And PSfm helps.

8000 Locations
Sales reps
15 Sales reps
Fox Sports Zakelijk
Fox Sports Zakelijk

PSfm visited more than 8.000 locations

We put out 10 to 15 additional sales representives in a sales boost. A boost has a duration of approximately 8 weeks where we will visit restaurants and sports bars.


Not only are the locations informed on the license obligation for public broadcasting, they can close an annual license at the spot. PSfm visited already more than 8.000 locations. An online dashboard (M.A.R.K. system) reported live so that the client can always check the real time results.


Sales representives went on the road with a car, Sales Book and an iPad in which they could track the results. The sales training, management and field coaching is realized by PSfm in cooperation with Fox. Ready for the new sportseason? Yes!

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